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Procedure documentationSorting Test Cases in Test Sequences


You can sort the test cases in a test package into a specified sequence – a test sequence. This is useful, for example, when a test case in a business process depends on the results of another test case.

The test sequence specifies that a test case is only available for testing when the predecessor test case has been completed. The Ready for Testing flag indicates whether a tester may perform the test.


  • You have specified which status values of a test case are to end the test case. Set the Test Ended flag for this status in the central Test Workbench settings (under Status Definition in transaction STWB_SET). For more information, see Central Test Workbench Settings.

  • You have created a test plan with at least one test package in the test plan management. For more information, see Creating a Test Plan and Creating a Test Plan for a Project.


  1. Start the Test Plan Management.

  2. Select the test plan you want to edit (either from the input help or your favorites) and choose (Test Packages).

    You go to the test package management screen.

  3. Choose (Sequences).

    You go to the screen for editing test sequences and assigning testers.

  4. Click on a test package and then on Change.

    The system lists the assigned test cases in change mode.

  5. Select the test cases you want to sort in a test sequence from the list, and click on Start of the navigation path Sequences Next navigation step Create a Sequence End of the navigation path.

  6. Enter a sequence ID as the name for the sequence and click on OK.

    The system sorts the selected test cases into a sequence.

    Note Note

    Do not enter any special characters as a sequence ID.

    The sequence ID is only unique within a test package. The system also assigns a system-wide unique sequence GUID.

    End of the note.
  7. If you want to change the order of test cases in the test sequence, select the test case, click on Move Test Case and then on the direction in which you want to move the test case.


A test sequence is created, and you can create further test sequences in the test package. You can rename the created test sequence, add new test cases to the test sequence and delete test cases from the test sequence.