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Function documentationActivate Statistics Collection


The activity Activate Statistics Collection collects workload statistics from different productive systems. You specify the systems for which you want to collect the statistics. These systems must be production systems.


In order to add a statistics system, the system must have a minimum support pack level of ST-PI 2008_1_* SP04. The RFC user must have the CDMC master role SAP_CDMC_MASTER.


You can activate statistics collection for custom objects only, or for custom objects and modifications.

To add a statistics system, you specify an RFC destination. After you add a system, you must schedule the jobs that collect the statistics. These jobs run in the statistics system.

If the control system is a Solution Manager system, you can select a system from the solution manager landscape. You must use a TMW destination to the system. Ensure that the RFC user for the TMW destination you have selected has the profile S_SM_EXECUTE. This RFC user does not need the CDMC master role SAP_CDMC_MASTER.

For information about how to delete the extracted workload statistics data from the statistics system, see SAP Note 1373193.