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 Activating/Deactivating SAP Solution Manager Monitoring


This function activates or deactivates alerts for SAP EarlyWatch Alert, Service Level Reporting, and SAP Solution Manager jobs, for your solutions. The SAP Solution Manager system creates predefined monitoring objects for each solution in the SAP Solution Manager CCMS (transaction: RZ20), in the context SolMan .

You should activate/deactivate SAP EarlyWatch Alert monitoring, or activate/deactivate again after a CCMS upgrade or changes to the solution, in the following cases. You have:

  • Removed a system from your solution

  • Activated/deactivated SAP EarlyWatch Alert download for some systems

  • Implemented a new Basis Support Package with new CCMS functionality


You have:

  • Created solutions

  • Activated automatic SAP EarlyWatch Alert data download, in the solution settings for SAP systems in your solution


The Solution Manager system sends the following information to the SAP Solution Manager CCMS:

  • The SAP EarlyWatch Alert results

  • The Service Level Report session results

  • Messages about the download of SAP EarlyWatch Alert data from the Service Data Control Center (transaction SDCCN)

  • SAP Solution Manager job status information


  1. Call the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center with the Solutions view .

  2. Follow the link to your solution.

    You branch to the solution directory (transaction code SOLMAN_DIRECTORY).

  3. Choose the Solution Settings tab page and then CCMS Monitoring of EWA .

    You go to the SAP List Viewer screen.

  4. Select the solution to activate/deactivate.

  5. Choose Activate or Deactivate.

    Note Note

    The Systems with EWA column shows the systems for which you have activated data download in the Solution Directory , in the solution attributes.

    The All Systems column shows the systems in your solution.

    End of the note.
  6. See the activation/deactivation Log .