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Process documentationDetermining Usage Information for Customer Exits


You can use this process to determine usage information for customer exits. You can then view the usage information in the clearing analysis result list.


  1. Before you execute the activity Activate Statistics Collection in the Global Settings phase, execute the report CNV_CDMC_CA_GET_EXITS in the control system. This report collects all the implemented customer exits and the associated reports and transaction codes from the analysis system, and updates the database table CNVCDMCCA_ENHS in the analysis system.

  2. Execute the report CNV_CDMC_CA_UPLOAD_EXITS in the control system. This report imports the data collected in the previous step from the analysis system, and uploads it to the control and the statistics systems.

  3. Execute the activity Activate Statistics Collection. This activity now extracts the workload statistics for the customer exits. Note, in the subsequent activity Enhancements, the usage information for the customer exits is determined.