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Object documentationSystem Performance App


There is an app to show the performance of your managed systems, in the dashboard area Operations. This app shows the performance of managed systems during a selected period. You can adjust the period to which the performance values relate and the systems whose performance is shown, in the app configuration. The Integration section below tells you how to perform the configuration.

The data source for this app is Interactive Reporting in Technical Monitoring. The mean response time of the managed systems is measured regularly and compared with the threshold values for yellow and red alerts. The dialog response time thus always has a status, and the percentage distribution of this status through time is output per system. If, for example, the app shows 80% green for a system, the response time was below the threshold for a yellow alert for 80% of the selected period.

As well as the performance of the individual managed systems, the mean performance value is shown in a pie chart.

Each system is weighted by the number of its measurement values in the calculation of the mean. The normal number of measurement values rises proportionally to the number of instances of the systems. A system with a lot of instances, and thus usually more users and greater importance, makes a greater contribution to the mean value.


The app is displayed in the Operations Dashboard.


To configure the system performance app, call the operations dashboard, and go to configuration mode (see Configuring Dashboards). You go to the configuration screen of the app, either by adding a new app to the dashboard, or by choosing Edit for an app.

  1. You go to the app configuration screen, in which you can make the following configuration settings:

    • You can adjust the default Title of the app to your requirements.

    • You can specify the Period for which the performance values are to be displayed.

    • You can specify the systems for which the performance values are to be displayed. All systems for which performance values are collected are listed under Systems. Select systems and choose Add. When you have moved all required systems into the Selected Systems list, choose Apply System Selection.

      Note Note

      If there are too many systems, preselect them under System (you can use wildcards such as *) and choose Get Systems. Only the systems which satisfy these conditions are then listed under Systems.

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    To complete the configuration of the app, choose Apply.

  2. Your changes are only permanently saved when you choose Save Dashboard.

Note Note

You can create several System Performance apps which, for example, refer to different periods or managed systems, and are displayed together in the dashboard.

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