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Procedure documentationAdministering Users in Managed Systems


On the Managed Systems tab page, you perform administration tasks for standard users in your managed systems. This tab page provides the same features as the SAP Solution Manager System tab page; however, there are some additional features. This topic only deals with the features specific to managed systems. For information about the other features, see Administering Users in the SAP Solution Manager System.

The Managed Systems tab page displays both normal users and RFC users.


  • Managed systems are configured in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.


Checking the Status of Users

To avoid performance issues, the table does not automatically display the status of normal users. Instead, when you start the application, the status appears as a grey diamond icon. This indicates that the status is not current and needs to be checked.

To update the status of a single user, select the user. The status is automatically checked and updated if necessary.

You can also check the status of multiple users simultaneously:

  1. Switch to edit mode.

  2. Hold the CTRL key while selecting each user.

  3. Choose Check Status.

    The status is checked and updated for all of the selected users.

Updating RFC Destinations

On this tab page, you can also update RFC destinations for RFC users. For more information, see the help screen area on the UI.

More Information

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