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Function documentationChange Request Management in the WebClient UI


The WebClient UI provides general functions and specific functions for Change Request Management. Depending on your user role, you can call various Change Request Management functions from the navigation bar.

You can start the WebClient UI in your browser using transaction SM_CRM.


You can use the WebClient UI for Change Request Management, and you can also use the Change Management work center in SAP Solution Manager for various functions.

Note Note

The WebClient UI does not support the transaction types that were used before SAP Solution Manager 7.1, for example, SDCR and SDMJ. You can only edit change transactions that have these transaction types in SAP GUI or via the Change Management Work Center.

If you want to display the transaction types you have used before the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.1 in the WebClient search, in Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Change Control Management Next navigation step Change Request Management Framework Next navigation step Assign Implementation to Change Transaction Types End of the navigation path, choose a suitable entry in the Document Type in Search column, for example, Urgent Change or Normal Change. If this field is not maintained, you cannot search for the transaction types in the WebClient UI.

End of the note.

Recommendation Recommendation

Finish any requests for change and change documents created in SAP GUI, in SAP GUI. Create new change transactions in the WebClient UI only.

End of the recommendation.


You are authorized for Change Request Management.


You can use the following general WebClient UI functions:

  • My saved searches

  • Search function

  • Start page

  • Worklist

  • Calendar

  • Inbox

  • Master data

For example, the following functions are available specifically for Change Request Management:

  • Search function for change documents, requests for change, defect corrections, and templates for requests for change

    You can search for change transactions by various search criteria. You can, for example, search for the creator, status, document type or installation.

    Under Change Documents, you can also search for project and maintenance cycles. Choose the transaction type or the ID as the search criterion, for example.

  • Creation function for change documents, requests for change, defect corrections, and templates for requests for change

    You can create new transactions and templates directly from the search screen.

  • Edit function for change transactions

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