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Procedure documentationConnect Existing CA Introscope Enterprise Manager Instances to SAP Solution Manager


In this procedure, you connect existing CA Introscope Enterprise Managers to your SAP Solution Manager.


  • You have installed diagnostics agents in all hosts in which CA Introscope Enterprise Managers (EM) are installed.

  • The diagnostics agents are connected to the SAP Solution Manager.


  1. Start the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.

  2. In the Infrastructure view, choose Introscope.

  3. Choose Discover Introscope EM.

  4. Select the Diagnostics agent which is installed on the host.

  5. Enter the installation path, in which the Enterprise Manager is installed on the host, for example, C:\usr\SAP\CCMS\wilyintroscope.

  6. Choose Discover Installation.

    Depending on the complexity of your system landscape, Introscope Enterprise Managers are displayed hierarchically:

    • Typically, Introscope Enterprise Managers are installed as standalone collector nodes.

    • In complex system landscapes, several Introscope Enterprise Managers (collector nodes) can be assigned to a Manager of Managers (MoM). MoMs balance the load of several collectors.

  7. Save your entries.

  8. Repeat the previous steps until all desired Introscope Enterprise Managers have been connected with SAP Solution Manager.

  9. Assign users to the newly-connected Introscope Enterprise Managers:

    1. Select an Introscope Enterprise Manager.

    2. Choose User Management.

    3. To assign the user which is to be used to connect the Introscope Enterprise Manager to SAP Solution Manager, select the Connection User field. By default, the administration user of the Introscope Enterprise Manager is assigned as the connection user.

    4. Enter the password of the administration user.

    5. Choose OK.

  10. Save your entries.

  11. Repeat the previous steps until you have performed the user assignment for all desired Introscope Enterprise Managers.

  12. Choose Refresh List. The status of the Introscope Enterprise Manager is displayed.

  13. The following statuses of Introscope Enterprise Manager require you to take action:

    • Enterprise Manager is offline (red): Check the error log and fix the error.

    • Wrong Enterprise Manager definition: Choose the Fetch button to load the data again and correct the connection data, if necessary.