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Function documentationScheduling Tool


To execute the operational activities for distributing software in your system landscape, Change Request Management provides a scheduling tool. This tool is based on the Schedule Manager.


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You can use the scheduling tool (transaction /TMWFLOW/MAINTINST) to perform the following activities:

  • Process project and maintenance cycles for performing your development and maintenance tasks (for regular maintenance)

  • Process implementation, template, and upgrade projects

  • Display and change the status of maintenance cycles, and implementation, template, and upgrade projects

  • Distribute software within maintenance cycles

  • Distribute software changes of ABAP and non-ABAP objects (for example, Java archives)

  • Analyze maintenance cycles, urgent changes, and implementation, template and upgrade projects

  • Create new task lists for urgent changes

    You can create a task list for an urgent change directly from the scheduling tool. Note that this task list neither has a connection to a change document on the WebClient UI, nor to a project cycle. You can only use it for processing task lists in the background.