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Function documentationImporting Transport Requests: Options


There are three options to carry out the import of transport requests, including transports of copies.


  • Immediate transport

    In the task list of the assigned project, the IT operator chooses Start of the navigation path Import Transport Request Background Next navigation step Schedule Next navigation step Immediate Processing End of the navigation path. All transport requests for this project which are in the import buffer, are transported to the test system immediately.

  • Scheduled transport

    Following the same procedure as described above, the IT operator schedules a start time for the import. Only one import can be scheduled per day.

  • Scheduled periodic transports

    1. In transaction STMS of the quality system, the IT operator chooses Import Overview and selects the system to which the import should go.

    2. On the Import Queue screen, he selects a project, then chooses Filters. The system displays all transport requests for the selected project.

    3. The IT operator chooses Start of the navigation path Queue Next navigation step Start Import End of the navigation path, and enters the intervals for importing transport requests, for example, every 30 minutes.

    4. After double-clicking on an entry and choosing Maintain Project Status Switch, he changes the entry to Requests can be imported. This schedules an import job. At the scheduled time, the system checks whether the import is allowed, and carries out the import.