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Procedure documentationDisplaying Information About Transport Requests in a System


You want to display information on transport requests for a system.


You have called up transaction /TMWFLOW/TRMO


  1. Select the Search tab page.

  2. Under System Analysis, enter the required data in the following fields:

    • System

    • Client

    • Project

    • Date

    • Time

  3. Under Status Transport Request, select which status of transport requests to display. Leave the field blank to see only Support Packages and SAP Note corrections:

  4. To see which support packages and SAP Note corrections have been imported into the system, select Include Support Packages and Include Note Corrections.

  5. Choose Search.


The system displays all transport requests which satisfy the search criteria . You can collect new data by choosing Refresh Data. The system then updates the information on this screen. By double-clicking an entry in the Object column (transport request), you can go to the transport log of the selected system.