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Procedure documentationEditing Logical Components of an Analysis Project


You can add additional logical components to an analysis project, or delete or replace existing logical components.

Example Example

You have uploaded an analysis project and assigned the appropriate logical components in the target system to the logical components. You later realize that the assignment you made when creating the analysis project was not correct.

End of the example.


  • You have called the Analysis Projects view in the Solution Documentation Assistant.

  • You have clicked on the name of an analysis project in the table, to open the view for this analysis project.


  1. Choose Edit.

  2. Choose Logical Components.

    A dialog box appears. The following data is displayed:

    • Name of the current logical component

    • Product assigned to the logical component

    • Version of the product assigned to the logical component

    A fourth column is active: Logical Component for the name of the new or replaced logical component.

  3. To process a logical component, you have the following options:

    • To add, choose Create.

    • To replace, click on the active Logical Component column and use the input help.

    • To delete, select the relevant logical component and choose Delete.

  4. Save your entries.