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Component documentationTest Automation with eCATT


If you use eCATT in SAP Solution Manager, eCATT is integrated in the SAP Solution Manager system landscape. In this way it facilitates functions such as creating test data containers and system data containers.


The various steps within the Test Management work center are facilitated as follows:

  • Test preparation

    • Set up automated tests in SAP Solution Manager Blueprint.

    • When creating a system data container, you specify a logical component. When test cases are executed, RFC destinations are derived automatically from SAP Solution Manager system landscape, depending on the system role the user chooses.

    • When creating a test data container, you create parameters. The Test Automation Framework supports plausibility checks for parameters even of those data elements which are not used in SAP Solution Manager but only in the target system.

    • When editing a test script, the interface of transactions or function modules is imported automatically from the SAP Solution Manager system landscape and displayed, if a system data container is assigned to the test case.

  • Test Plan Management: Change the system role without changing the system data containers. The RFC destinations are derived automatically when the test cases are executed.

More Information

For more information about eCATT, see eCATT: extended Computer Aided Test Tool.