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Function documentationCross-Solution Display of Issues and Tasks


The transaction SAP Solution Manager: Issue Management (SOLMAN_PROBLEM_MGMT, as of Solution Manager 7.0 SP 10:SOLMAN_ISSUE_MGMT) lists the issues and tasks in your system, across solutions. This transaction, for example, displays all open issues in all solutions.


  • You are authorized to display solutions. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide.

  • You have made the required Customizing settings.

  • You have made the Customizing settings required to be able to filter the issues by terms that are used in the issue descriptions, in a TREX search machine


  • Filter the issues and tasks, for example by:

    • Processor

    • System

    • Terms in the description

      Note Note

      Link filter terms with the boolean operator AND.

      End of the note.
  • Display issues and tasks to which you are assigned, independently of the solution.

  • Display objects that are assigned to the issues and tasks, for example, messages. To display the assigned objects in the Linked Objects window, select the issue.

  • Create/change issues independently of a solution

  • Navigation by clicking on an issue or task or its linked objects, for example, to change them.

    Note Note

    Update the issue/task list manually, when you have changed an issue or task, with Update.

    End of the note.

The following functions are not possible in the transaction SAP Solution Manager: Issue Management (SOLMAN_PROBLEM_MGMT, from Solution Manager 7.0 SP 10: SOLMAN_ISSUE_MGMT):

  • You cannot create change requests from an issue.

  • You cannot assign documents.

  • Expert mode is not available.