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Function documentationMilestones Tab


You monitor the project progress according to either the default milestones, or those defined in the Roadmap and in the project, in the Milestones tab.


If you have selected a Roadmap for your project in the Roadmap Selection tab, you can display the milestones in the selected Roadmap, in the Milestones tab. Choose the symbol with the Quick-Info Insert Roadmap Milestones, and select the milestones. You can add to the milestones in the Roadmap, but not change them.


  • You can use milestons which you are shown by default. These milestones are Q-Gates, which separate the standard phase in a project.

  • You can add milestones from Roadmaps to the default milestones.

  • You can define milestones yourself.

  • You can specify the following data to the default milestones, user-defined milestones, and milestones from the Roadmap:

    • Planned start

    • Planned end

    • Actual start

    • Actual end