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Procedure documentationExecuting Automated Test Cases


  • The test engineer has assigned a test package to your user.

  • You have called the Test Management work center.


  1. In the Tester Worklist, select a test package.

    The test cases which are assigned to the test package, are displayed.

  2. In the Assigned Test Cases area, select a manual test case. To do so, select a test case to which in the Type column the Test Configuration icon is assigned. The tooltip shows you whether it is a test case of type Test Configuration or of type Test Document. (manual test case).

  3. Choose the Run pushbutton.

    You go to the Start Options screen.

  4. Select the appropriate start options. For more information, see Start Options.

  5. Choose Execute.

    The execution log of the automated test case is displayed. For more information, see Using Logs.

  6. Check the log for errors.

  7. Exit the function.

  8. If errors occurred, add information:

    1. Go back to the Tester Worklist.

    2. Select the respective test case.

    3. Choose the Maintain Status pushbutton.

      You go to the Status Maintenance dialog box.

      1. Change the status manually or assign a status manually, if it is not set automatically.

        Note Note

        The status is set automatically if in the Start Options the Copy Status to TWB is not deselected.

        End of the note.
      2. In the Restrictions area, specify which kind of object was the subject of the test case. If the execution of the test was restricted, for example, to checking the functions only, but not the documentation, select the Functions field.

      3. Save your entries.

    4. To add information, you can do the following:

      • To create a test note, in the Test Notes column, choose the Create Test Note icon.

      • To create a support message, choose Create Error Messages.

        1. On the Messages tab page,

        2. Enter data as required.

        3. Save your entries.

      • To assign an existing support message, choose Assign Message.

        If you have mistakenly created or assigned a support message, to delete it, choose Remove.


You have documented the result of your test case. The test organizer has an overview of the status of all test cases in your test package.