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Function documentationIT Performance Reporting


IT performance reporting displays the development of the most important monitoring data in your monitored systems, through time, centrally, to identify potential problems early, and give an overview of the load and performance of your systems.

The performance values come from the CCMS monitoring infrastructure, which you can display in the alert monitor. IT performance reporting selects the most important nodes, and creates seven reports, which give you a quick and comprehensive overview of the performance and load of your monitored systems. You can display data from all systems which you monitor from the SAP Solution Manager, in IT performance reporting. This applies to both AS ABAP and AS Java, and for various databases.

IT Performance Reporting contributes to the central monitoring of the performance of your systems:

  • In contrast to the Alert Monitor, the monitoring infrastructure only displays the most importatn performance values. This gives you a quicker overview of the status of the monitored systems.

  • The performance value display in each reports is optimized for that report, so the data is not always displayed in the same way.

  • Displaying the development of the most important monitoring data centrally, gives you a second basis, after threshold values, to judge the current status. It can also indicate possible future developments.

  • You can use IT performance reporting to determine meaningful monitoring data threshold values.

All performance data is saved in the BI (Business Intelligence) system which is associated with the SAP Solution Manager. This BI is also used for all other reporting applications.

The reports contain various periods, from the current day to the previous year, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are displayed in the appropriate level of detail.

The configuration is mostly automatic; it ensures that all values which you can display in IT performance reporting are saved in the required level of detail. Older data is automatically reorganized in less detail, and eventually deleted, to restrict the performance data memory requirement in BI.


IT Performance Reporting is in the Solution Manager System Monitoring work center.

Note Note

With SAP Solution Manager 7.1, the new work center Technical Monitoring is also available, which is no longer based on the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) as its monitoring infrastructure, but rather on the Monitoring & Alerting Infrastructure (MAI). This work center also has new reporting (see Interactive Reporting). We recommend that you now only use the IT Performance Reporting in the System Monitoring work center if you have already set up central monitoring based on the CCMS and do not want to use the new MAI.

The system reports of interactive reporting are still available to you with SAP Solution Manager in IT Performance Reporting, even if the provision of the data is still based on the CCMS.

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You have set-up IT Performance Reporting (see Set-Up IT Performance Reporting).