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Procedure documentationDefining Availability and Absence of Recipients


  1. In the Technical Administration work center, choose Notification Management.

  2. To define recipient availability and absence, go to the global recipient pool.

  3. Click the ID.

  4. In the Notification Settings window, select an option.




    Enables the recipient to receive notification


    Prevents the recipient from receiving notifications

    Forward to Substitute

    Forwards notifications to a substitute

  5. To define recipient availability and contact details, do the following:

    1. On the When Present (On-Duty) tab page, choose Define On-Duty Timing.

    2. Define the availability and contact details.

      Notifications can be sent to the recipient only during the on-duty period. The on-duty period of a recipient can be a day of type Day Off or Workday, as in the factory or holiday calendar. In an SAP system, you can define location-specific calendars (such as the factory calendar). These calendars can include both regional holiday regulations and location-specific company regulations.

  6. To define recipients absence because of personal leave or a holiday, do the following:

    1. On the During Personal Absences (Off-Duty) tab page, choose Create Absence.

    2. Enter the absence period.

    3. To forward notifications to another recipient during the absence period, choose Add Substitute.

    4. In the Add Substitutes window, add the substitute recipients.

      Notifications cannot be sent during the absence period of a recipient if no substitutes are defined.