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 Pass Project Data to SAP


You pass project data from Solution Manager ramp-up projects to SAP for analysis. The data is saved in a project database at SAP. This data allows SAP to support you optimally in the ramp-up phase.


SAP has created a project corresponding to your ramp-up project, in the SAP project database CPI, and released your project. When the project has been created, you have received the name, and a unique authentification key for, the CPI project.


  1. Run the program RSPROJECT_CPI.

  2. Enter the data required under Logon .

    When you have sent the data, these fields are no longer ready for input.

  3. Enter the data required under Project .

  4. Specify the contact persons under Contacts . To ensure that the specified names can be checked at SAP, specify the e-mail address, and any OSS user.

    If the SAP implementation is performed by a partner or at a partner site, specify as SAP project leader an SAP contact person who is responsible for the corresponding CPI project.

  5. If the SAP implementation is performed by a partner, enter the required data under Partner . The specified partner must be registered at SAP for the data to be passed.

  6. Enter the planned and current dates of your project phases under Work Plan .

    For the Business Blueprint and Realization phases, the system copies any data from the root nodes of the structures. You can enter the data in these phases in the Administration tab.

  7. If you see a general project risk, you can transmit it with a comment to SAP under Risk Status .

  8. Specify the application component of the solution which you are implementing.

  9. The system lists all scenarios which your project contains, under Scenarios . When you have created some scenarios, you can assign an SAP standard scenario to them, to categorize it. Only then can you send a status and a comment for this scenario to SAP.

    The system sends the structure node texts for processes and process steps, as well as the scenarios, to SAP.The system sends no data which is assigned to the structure nodes. You can display the structure nodes which were sent, with the Project Scope pushbutton.

  10. You can send user documents to SAP, as well as the system data, under Documentation . Select the field Send , to send the document and other data to SAP.

    The system notes the paths to the specified documents, so that you can send a newer version of the document by choosing Send again.

  11. Choose Start of the navigation path List Next navigation step Send End of the navigation path or the Send pushbutton , to send the project data to SAP. Enter a valid SAP Service Marketplace user and the password, in the following dialog box. The data is saved in the SAP project database, with this user as the last changer.