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Function documentationRemote Operating System Script Collector


The Remote Operating System Script Collector (ROSSC) allows you to integrate custom monitoring scripts (OS commands) in the SAP Solution Manager Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI). This is useful if you have, for example, created scripts to monitor the availability of databases or network connections. You can process end user alerts generated by your custom scripts in the MAI, with no need for third-party tools.


The Remote Operating System Script Collector enhances the SAP Solution Manager Monitoring Architecture Infrastucture (MAI). On the managed systems, diagnostics agents run scripts to generate events on monitored objects. Data Providers collect the metric values. Via the Data Provider Connector of SAP Solution Manager, the monitoring data is transferred to the end-to-end Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI).

ROSSC is an additional data provider which executes your custom scripts, collects metric data generated by them, and forwards (pushes) the data to the Data Provider Connector.


  • In the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center, you have set up the system monitoring.

  • You have created a custom script.

  • You have authorization to store scripts which are executed automatically, on the managed systems.


To set up the new data provider, perform the following steps:

  • Store the custom scripts in a special folder on the managed system.

  • To activate the remote OS scripts, specify

    • the file path to where your scripts are located

    • the operating system parameters

  • On the OS command console, check whether the scripts can be executed correctly.

  • To specify how the metric data is used to generate alerts, create a custom metric using the new data provider.