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Function documentationPost-Processing Framework Actions


You control the status changes in change transactions as well as project and maintenance cycles using Post-Processing Framework (PPF) actions. Whenever a transaction changes its status (for example, Tested), certain Change Request Management actions have to be carried out, such as the release of a transport request. The system performs these actions either automatically while saving a change, or a user executes them explicitly.

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Change Request Management uses generic PPF actions, which you can adjust to your requirements. In contrast to PPF actions, Change Request Management actions run in the PPF action (HF_SET_STATUS), dependent from the user status.

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You can only execute actions under specific conditions. Which actions are executable depends on the status of the change transaction and the status of the respective project or maintenance cycle.

You can link actions with calls of dialog boxes in the WebClient UI, in which the user can, for example, enter or confirm data. The dialog boxes can be displayed before or after processing the actions. For more information about configuring the dialog box framework, see the Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities Next navigation step Change Request Management Next navigation step Implementation of Dialog Boxes in WebClient UI End of the navigation path.

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You need knowledge of the WebClient UI and ABAP development, to adjust the dialog box framework.

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You have configured the action profile. For more information, see Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under Start of the navigation path Capabilities Next navigation step Change Request Management Next navigation step Transactions Next navigation step Change Actions and Conditions Next navigation step Define Action Profiles and Actions End of the navigation path.


  1. In change mode, you choose Actions in the change transaction or in the project or maintenance cycle, and then an available action.

  2. Save the transaction.

  3. The system changes the status and displays it in the header data. You can now process the transaction further.

  4. On the Scheduled Actions assignment block, you can display, execute, and schedule actions.

More Information

For more information about actions, see SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP CRM 7.0 or higher Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step Basic Functions Next navigation step Actions Next navigation step Processing Actions in the Transaction End of the navigation path.