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Process documentationBI Monitoring Configuration


You configure the BI Monitoring application in Solution Manager Configuration under Start of the navigation path Technical Monitoring Next navigation step BI Monitoring End of the navigation path.


  • You have read SAP Note 1558756Information published on SAP site “Solution Manager 7.1 - BI Monitoring: Prerequisites”

  • You have checked for additional SAP Notes that are required, depending on the Support Package Level of SAP Solution Manager 7.1

  • You have performed the steps under Managed System Configuration and System Monitoring Setup in SAP Solution Manager Configuration, for the systems you want to include in a BI Monitoring scenario


BI Monitoring configuration is a series of steps. For more information on each step, see the detailed configuration information in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

  1. Overview

  2. Configure infrastructure

  3. Standard users (optional)

  4. Scenario defaults

  5. Monitoring and Alerting

    Consists of the detailed substeps for the configuration of all BI-specific objects to be monitored, that is, BO jobs, BW process chains, BW queries, BW templates. In this step, you can also define the metrics and thresholds for your BO jobs and BW process chains. For more information, see Configuration of Thresholds for BI Monitoring Metrics.

  6. Activate BI Monitoring

  7. Complete