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Background documentationSelecting Periods


In this step, you can limit the time period for which data can be expected from the specified systems, according to your needs. These time periods are complete months.

Note Note

The planned start of the analysis is relevant for the time period. For an immediate start, the current month is never available for analysis, only completed months.

For a planned start in the future, the month in which the analysis is started is not available for analysis either. However, months that are still in the future at the time of analysis creation might be available.

End of the note.

In the Time Period area, the available time periods are displayed with the following attributes:

  • Time period is a specific, complete month

  • Selection. The flag for including the time period is set by default for all available time periods. Clear the flag, to remove a time period from the analysis.

  • Status displays whether data is available from the specified systems for this time period. The following statuses are displayed with the corresponding status flag for each time period:

    • Data is available for all systems.

    • Data is not available for all systems. Click on the status flag for details about systems for which there is no data.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    To improve the performance of the analysis, restrict the number of periods to be analyzed as much as possible.

    End of the recommendation.