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Procedure documentationCreating Support Requests


A support request enables you to request SAP electronically for a service specifically for your problem.

The Support Requests view lists existing support requests. You can filter this list by solutions.

The detailed information provides details of the support requests and any solutions already proposed by SAP.

In the Support Requests view, you can:

  • Create new support requests.

  • Process existing support requests.

  • Send support requests to SAP.

  • Send additional notes about support requests already sent to SAP.


  • You have created a solution.

  • You have updated your solutions master data at SAP.

    Note Note

    If you have not updated the solution master data for SAP, it is updated automatically when a support request is sent for the first time.

    End of the note.
  • You have the role SAP_SERVICE_REQUEST_ALL.


Displaying Support Requests and Details for Support Requests

To display support requests, enter the solution in the Filter Support Requests by screen area, and choose Find.

The support requests that satisfy the specified filter criteria are displayed in the Support Requests list. The following information is displayed for each support request:

  • transaction ID

  • short request description

  • status

  • solution assigned

  • creator

To display details of a support request, select it in the list. In the Service Details screen area, detailed information about the support request is displayed on the following tabs:

  • Details

    This tab shows a short description, the ID, the creator, the scope, the status, and the creation date of the support request.

  • Solution Proposed by SAP

    This tab shows the solution proposed by SAP for your support request. SAP can propose the following types of solution:

    • Consulting

    • Expertise on Demand

    • Service

    There is a link to each proposed solution in the list, under Description.

Creating New Support Requests

To create support requests, choose Create in the Support Requests list.

You branch to the Create Support Request guided procedure.

Note Note

Required fields in the dialog box are marked by a red asterisk.

End of the note.

Enter the following data:

  1. Specify Request:

    1. Specify the solution in which the problem to be resolved by SAP occurred.

    2. To specify the object of the support request, select one of the following support options and enter the required additional information:

      • To receive general support, choose Inquiry for Support and describe the reason for the support request.

      • To receive project support, choose Project Quality Check.

      • To receive support in optimizing an existing solution, choose Optimization of existing solution.

  2. Add Systems: Specify the systems in question.

    To add a system, specify the logical component, the system, the installation number, and the product instance. Choose Add.

    Note Note

    You can only add each system once.

    End of the note.

    Optionally enter the following additional information:

    • In Scope: Optional: If you add multiple systems, indicate if the system is in the focus of the support request.

    • Load Increase: You expect the system load to increase (due to a significant increase in the number of users, for example).

    • New Scenario: You are planning to go live with a new scenario.

  3. Define Scope:

    1. Optional: In the Desired Service Date field, specify the date by which SAP Support is to provide the service.

    2. Enter a short text and a problem description, to explain your uncertainty about whether the relevant problems have been recognized and appropriate measures proposed.

    3. If any previous services were provided, under Services, add the following services that relate to the problem, for example:

      • The current results of any EarlyWatch Services run automatically

      • Self-services that were previously performed

      • Services provided by SAP that have already been performed

    4. Under Contact Persons, specify contact persons responsible for the support request.

  4. Add Processes: Optional: Specify the business processes in question.

    To add a business process, specify the scenario, the business process, and the business process step affected. Choose Add.

  5. Add Attachments: Add screenshots, for example.

  6. Review: Choose Save Draft.

    If the Service Delivery Readiness icon is green, you can send the support request to SAP Support by choosing Save and Send.

    You go back to the Filter Support Requests by: view.

Processing Support Requests and Sending Them to SAP

To edit a draft support request, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Support Requests list, click on the transaction ID of the support request.

    The Support Request Details dialog box appears.

  2. Edit the entries in the tabs.

  3. Save your changes.

To send an existing support request to SAP, proceed as follows:

  1. Ensure that the Service Delivery Readiness icon is green.

    Note Note

    Service delivery readiness is the prerequisite for provision of SAP services, self-services, and SAP EarlyWatch Alert services.

    End of the note.

    If the icon is red, proceed as follows:

    1. Choose the Service Delivery Readiness link to start a self-diagnosis of the system.

      The results overview for the self-diagnosis appears.

    2. To display the cause of the problem, navigate to the Managing Systems tab and choose Start of the navigation path Functionality Status Next navigation step Service Delivery Readiness End of the navigation path, and select the Display link in the Details column.

      The system displays the response strategy.

    3. Fix the error. If required, create a support message under component SV-SMG-SDD.

    4. Optional: To send the current report of your system status to SAP, choose Transfer to SAP.

      Note Note

      The status report is informational only. A support message is not created.

      End of the note.
  2. Select the support request in the Support Requests list.

  3. Choose Send to SAP.

    The dialog box Data Transfer Release tells you that the solutions proposed by SAP may be charged, but that you can accept or reject proposals.

  4. Select the checkbox to confirm that the information in the Data Transfer Release dialog box is also to be sent to SAP in addition to the support request. Choose Send to SAP.

    The support request is sent to SAP.

Note Note

You cannot edit the details of a support request once it has been sent to SAP. To add notes to a support request that has already been sent to SAP, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Support Requests list, click on the transaction ID of the support request.

    The dialog box for the support request details appears.

  2. Enter your notes in the Communication tab, in the For SAP field.

  3. Choose Send Update.

    Your support request notes are sent to SAP.

End of the note.
Retrieving Support Requests from SAP

To manually retrieve support request updates, in the Support Requests list, choose Get Update from SAP.

Note Note

You can automatically receive support request updates from SAP by using job SM:SYNC SERVICE REQUESTS, program RAGS_SERVREQ_LOAD_FROM_SAP. You schedule the job in the Solution Manager Configuration. By default, the job is executed daily.

End of the note.