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 Synchronization Object Specification Tool


The synchronization object specification tool (transaction scdt_mapping ) is an additional customizing synchronization tool ( Customizing Scout , Customizing-Distribution ) in the SAP Solution Manager .

Customizing Scout und Customizing Distribution use a list of customizing objects which need to be synchronized in the components. These customizing objects are referred to as synchronization objects here. SAP delivers a selection of synchronization objects for various application components, e.g. SAP MDM.

Create a list of synchronization objects and their attributes with the specification tool, in the application component systems . These lists specify which customizing objects in the target component (e.g. MDM) correspond to which customizing objects in the source component (e.g. SAP_APPL) for which releases (mapping).

Note Note

Use the SAP Solution Manager transaction Display Synchronization Objects to display existing synchronization objects which you have loaded into the SAP Solution Manager system.

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To use the specification tool, you need:

  • RFC destinations in all systems involved : You usually use the specification tool in your application component development system, e.g. SAP MDM. You need RFC destinations for all source systems, i.e. for all ERP systems for which you create customizing objects.

    An ideal system landscape would be as follows:

You must have set-up an RFC destination to an R/3 System; preferably to all possible R/3 releases.

  • Authorization profile : You need the authorization profile s_cus_cmp for the user with which you logon to the above SAP R/3 systems. You must add some authorizations to this authorization profile; see note 383704. You also need the authorization s_tabu_all for the authorization object s_tabu_dis in your development system, e.g. in an SAP MDM system in which you use the specification tool.


You can create a list of all customizing objects in a system landscape which must be synchronized, i.e. have the same field entries, with the specification tool. The result is a list of synchronization objects, i.e. customizing objects which must be synchronized. Synchronization objects in a component such as SAP R/3 and in an application component such as SAP MDM, often have different table or even field names. In these cases, you can assign corresponding tables or fields with different names to each other in the specification tool. If values are to be mapped onto each other, you can specify a function module which converts source system customizing data into target system customizing data.

You can also:

  • copy

  • edit

  • display

  • restrict release validity

  • sort and filter

  • check the consistency

  • delete.

You can also

  • document objects

  • specify whether an object is only to be compared with the Customizing Scout, or can also be distributed in a system landscape with the Customizing Distribution

  • specify whether an object is only to be distributed from SAP R/3 into another SAP component or in the reverse direction as well (backwards distribution)

  • assign IMG activities to the objects

    Note Note

    The assignment of an object to an IMG activity enables the Customizing Distribution users to select objects for distribution by selecting IMG activities. The assignment also permits the IMG to be linked to the Customizing Scout.

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