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Procedure documentationPreparing a Service Session


In semi-automated service sessions, you provide SAP with data required for the analyses service session and for sizing estimation.


  1. To start the preparation, you have the following options:

    • If you have activated the e-mail function in SAP Solution Manager, you get an e-mail containing a link to the guided procedure. For more information, see Activating the E-Mail Function in SAP Solution Manager.

    • In the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center, do the following:

      1. Choose Services.

      2. Select the service.

      3. Select the service session with the status Prepare.

      4. On the Sessions tab page, select the service session link

        A dialog box appears.

      5. Verify the contact data of the account contact person responsible for the service delivery on your side, and confirm.

        The guided procedure is started.

  2. Perform the service session preparation activities.

    The preparation step is completed when all activities are rated green.

    If problems occur, you can open a message on component SV-SMG-SVD-SSP. Enterprise Support customers can also contact the SAP Support Advisory.

  3. Save your entries.

When the preparation is completed and saved, the system starts a service session automatically, and generates a report. The service session report is sent, via e-mail, to the recipient you have defined. For more information, see Defining a Recipient of the Service Session Report.