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  Display Synchronization Object Definition


You display the definition of a synchronization object to check whether you want to use it in the Customizing Distribution.


You have called the transaction scdt_show_mapping and are in the synchronization object display initial screen. If you want to see synchronization objects for other components (e.g. SAP MDM), you have downloaded them with Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Load Object Lists End of the navigation path .


  1. Choose a target component and release.

    The system displays a list of synchronization objects.

  2. Choose a synchronization object.

  3. Choose Display .

    You go to the Display Synchronization Objects screen.


The system displays the following information:

  • The source component is usually the SAP R/3 system (software component: SAP_APPL); the target system runs on the software component, for example MDM.

  • An IMG activity is usually assigned to each synchronization object.

  • The original system for the synchronization object is the system from which it was downloaded into the SAP Solution Manager system.

  • For each synchronization object is defined:

    • whether it can only be used for comparison with the Customizing Scout ( o nly relevant for comparison )

    • whether it can be used for comparison with the Customizing Scout and the Customizing Distribution ( relevant for comparison and distribution )

    • whether it can only be used for manual Customizing Distribution by transport ( only relevant for distribution by transport )

    • whether it can only be used for the Initial Distribution (only relevant for initial distribution)

    • whether it can only be used for the initial distribution and the comparison with the Customizing Scout

  • The mapping type is specified under Structure Differences :

    No Mapping Required : The tables have the same table and field names.

    Different Table Names

    Different Table/Field Names

    Programmed Mapping: A function module converts source system customizing data into target system customizing data.

  • If the table or field names differ, the Assignment table contains the names of the tables or fields which correspond.

  • The system shows whether the synchronization object has been further restricted for distribution or comparison, by filter conditions for the source system or the target system, under Filter Conditions .

  • The Fixed Field Value/Variable column can also contain fixed field values or variables.

    Fixed field values are required for a source component table, for example, if one or more tables in the target component contain additional fields which have no corresponding fields in the source component. The following variables are currently available: $LOGSYS; $SYLANGU; $MANDT; $UNAME; $SYDATUM; $SYUZEIT.