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Component documentationTest Management


You can determine the scope of testing required for cross-system business processes, manage the tests centrally and execute the tests.

In test management you run through the following phases:

  1. Determining the testing scope

    When introducing new SAP solutions, the testing scope can be derived from the Business Blueprint. When changes are made to the system, for example activation of support packages), you can determine the critical business processes using a change impact analysis.

  2. Test planning

    You set up a test system, generate test data, develop manual or automatic test cases, create test plans, and assign test packages to suitable testers.

  3. Testing

    You initiate the execution of manual and automatic tests and check the progress and results of the test.

  4. Transferring the changes to production operation

The following graphic illustrates the phases of test management:


Before you start testing, you must have created a project structure with your business processes in the Business Blueprint and configured your business processes. For further information, see Business Blueprint and Configuration.


You can use the testing tools of SAP Solution Manager as well as solutions from partners and third party providers. The following proven options are available:

Test Option 1

The test functions and tools in option 1 are almost all provided by SAP Solution Manager and SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS).

Test Option 2

The test functions and tools in option 2 are provided by SAP Solution Manager, SAP TDMS, SAP Quality Center by HP, and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization.

Test Option 3

The test functions and tools in option 3 are provided by SAP Solution Manager, SAP TDMS, and IBM Rational.