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Problem (Issue)

A problem (Issue) to which you must respond because it interrupts operational processing, or could do so in the short or long-term. This problem type is more than errors or interruptions which could be reported in an incident message.

Top Problem (Top Issue)

Serious problem which is more than a normal problem (Issue), or a set of related problems. Top problems allow problems to be discussed, e.g. at management level.


Priorities of problems (Issues) could be:

  • Low: The problem is not serious.

  • Medium: The problem is not serious in the short-term, but should be resolved in the longer term.

  • High: Production processing is (partially) threatened or could be threatened.


The causes of problems (Issues) could be:

  • System administration: e.g. hardware is inadequate for peak processing requirements

  • Operational processing: e.g. poor performance in some process steps

  • Operation or organization: e.g. planning too little training for an implementation project; e.g. no clearly-defined responsibilities for monitoring systems and applications

From an Issue you can:

  • Create an incident message

  • Order a service

  • Manage the assignment to a change request

  • Create reports for Issues


The Top Issue "Sales & Distribution Process Performance" comprises the following problems:

  • Performance problem in the transaction Create Customer (VA01)

  • Performance problem when creating deliveries (VL01N, VL04 batch), because the system repeats checks.