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Function documentationDisplaying Roadmaps with an SAP UI5 App


This app displays the contents of roadmaps in browsers on mobile devices. It reads the roadmap contents from the SAP Solution Manager, via SAP Gateway Services.


Activate the SAP Gateway Services AI_ROADMAP* in the service maintenance (transaction SICF), during configuration of the SAP Solution Manager. When you test the services, you get the URL to call the app.

You need the authorizations in the role SAP_RMMAIN_DIS.


The app reads the roadmap topics and accelerators from the SAP Solution Manager, and displays them in HTML5 format in the browser. You cannot change the roadmap contents.


  1. Select a roadmap to display, from the list of existing roadmaps.

  2. Read the home page.

  3. Navigate between the subsections in the graphics.

  4. Display the accelerators of the roadmap via the links.

  5. Go back to the roadmap selection list with Home.