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Background documentationAutomatic Configuration Tasks


A configuration task comprises all automatic steps in the technical configuration of technical systems.


Configuration tasks are the result of the combination of one or more technical systems in the project landscape. For example, the basic configuration for the integration of a CRM and an ERP system, requires technical systems which are assigned to a specified product version.


The technical systems in a configuration task are called configuration targets. Each configuration task contains a selection of performable, automatic configuration methods; for example you can perform configuration or call documentation. Configuration tracks show the relationship between technical systems for a configuration method.


You can display configuration tracks, to go to the configuration tasks and methods, in the following views:

  • Graphical view

    This is the default view. It shows technical systems with a specified system role, and their assignment to a product version, in the form of nested text boxes. Depending on the assignment, a text box can contain several text boxes of the same sort.

    Lines between technical systems show a configuration track, and the availability of configuration methods. Each line has a quick info with the track number, the configuration targets, and the configuration status. The format of the line also indicates the configuration status. See the Legend.

    The following graphic shows how to display configuration targets and tracks (step 1), and configuration methods (step 2), in the graphical view:

  • Table view

    The table contains all existing configuration tracks, and the project landscape information.

    Configuration tracks have a track number and are shown as connected cells, if there are several technical systems as configuration targets. Status symbols show the aggregate configuration status of the configuration methods for each configuration track.