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Function documentationBusiness Function Scope


You use this function to define all business functions that are used for your project or solution. You check whether the assignment of selected business functions and business function sets is consistent, across projects and solutions, according to the logical components and their systems.

You can assign an industry-specific business function set to a system, or select independent business function sets. You can change the business function assignments, to make the scope consistent. See Consistent Business Function Project Scope for more information.

You can assign business functions to project phases via system roles in the logical components for activation later.


The selection of business functions flagged as In Scope is available, across applications, if you navigate from the Business Functions tab to Business Blueprint, Configuration, or the Business Function Scope View .

The test catalogs for the business functions are available in the test organization of SAP Solution Manager for the selected business functions. For further information, see the Test Cases tab.

Starting from the planned scope of business fucntions, you can determine the required technical usages from the Enhancement Package for a maintenance process in the Maintenance Optimizer.


  • The SAP Solution Manager system has an RFC connection of the type READ to the managed system.

  • You are authorized to change structures and assignments in the Business Blueprint or the Configuration.

For more information about authorizations and RFC connections, see the SAP Solution Manager security guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager <current release> End of the navigation path.


Consolidation of the business functions in the project scope

By default, you get an overview of the logical components used in your project or solution, and all business functions flagged as In Scope.

The current activation status of the business function is also displayed in the Switch Framework for every managed system with a valid RFC connection to the SAP Solution Manager system.

The following functions are available:

  • Update the overview

  • Add/remove business function sets

  • Add/remove business functions

  • Activate business functions in managed systems

  • Remove a business function from the scope

  • Display business function documentation from the SAP Library

Where-used list

Choose Retrieve Usages to display an additional column in which the assignment of a business function to structure items is indicated by an icon. If you click on the symbol, a new session, containing information about the structure element, opens. You can go to the structure element via a hyperlink in the Business Blueprint or the Configuration.

Consistency check

Check checks, for all logical components in the project or solution, whether the assignment of business function sets and business functions for the systems in the logical components, leads to a consistent status.

Consistency Check Messages lists error messages. You can display the full message text so that you can resolve the cause of the inconsistency.


You can go to Business Function Scope:

  • By choosing the Business Function Scope on the Business Functions tab page in the Business Blueprint or in the Configuration

  • By choosing Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Business Function Scope End of the navigation path from the Implementation/Upgrade work center after you have selected a project