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Procedure documentationCreating Messages


You can create messages to report an incident. As a support employee, you can also create messages for end users.

If configured, messages can be forwarded automatically to the relevant support team based on the assigned category.


Before you can create a message, the following prerequisites apply:

  • In SAP Solution Manager, the end users have the roles user and business partner, support staff have the roles dispatcher or processor. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager<current release> End of the navigation path, under 4 Operations.

  • The system is configured.


  1. Choose Create.

  2. Choose the type of message you want to create.

  3. Enter data as required.

More Information

For more information about creating messages in IT Service Management, see the documentation in this section.

You can also use templates and text modules to create messages. For more information, see Creating Templates for Messages and Texts and Text Templates.