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Function documentationQGM Data for a Project


For each project, you can do the following:

  • Clicking a project link takes you to the project administration screen, where you can make changes to the project definition.

  • Selecting a project line displays the QGM data for this project in the lower section.

    Note Note

    You can also select more than one project to access most of the information that is displayed. However, the system landscape graphic is only displayable for one project at a time.

    End of the note.


You can display and/or change the data in the following tabs of the lower screen section:

  • Changes: Contains all the change data of a project.

  • Transports: Contains all the transport data for a project.

  • Quality Gates: Provides an overview of the quality gate data maintained for a project.

  • Calendar View: You can display and edit your projects with Q-Gates and phases graphically.

  • Risks: Provides an overview of the risks that have arisen in your transport landscape during transports.

  • System Landscape Graphic: Displays the various systems used in your system landscape, together with the transport paths, in graphic form.

Click each of the above subjects to display further information on it.