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 Automatic Redistribution after Errors


Tthis function restarts customizing distributions which failed, automatically, in the background.


You have a task in the transport requests of the systems involved.


From the time that redistribution is scheduled, all customizing distributions for a project are collected, which:

  • contain errors

  • were cancelled.

Customizing distributions which have been successfully redistributed are excluded. This distributions are redistributed at times which you specify. You can schedule redistribution periodically in the background.


  1. Call the Setup Customizing Distribution transaction.

  2. Choose an active synchronization group and its project, and choose Display or Edit .

  3. Choose the Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Automatic Redistribution after Errors End of the navigation path menu.

  4. Enter the background job scheduling data.

    The system schedules the background job DISTR. CORRECTION <project name> .

  5. The system redistributes the project according to your specification.