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Procedure documentationChecking the Prerequisites for Generating Semi-Dynamic TBOMs


To generate semi-dynamic TBOMS, ensure that Usage and Procedure Logging (UPL) data is generated in the system and can be retrieved. A report helps you to check, for example, the following prerequisites:

  • You have activated Usage and Procedure Logging (UPL) on the target system (in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center under Start of the navigation path Custom Code Management Next navigation step Configure Infrastructure Next navigation step Activate Extractors End of the navigation path). To get meaningful data, you typically use a production system.

  • There are RFC connections between the systems involved.

  • BW extraction is set up between the target system and the SAP Solution Manager system.


For more information about the prerequisites for creating TBOMs semi-dynamically, see Creating TBOMs.


  1. In the Test Management work center, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Go to TBOM Utilities Next navigation step BPCA Self Check End of the navigation path.

  2. Enter data as required.

    • Specify a managed system in which the semi-dynamic TBOMs are to be recorded.

      Caution Caution

      Use a system other than the system from which the data is retrieved (typically a production system), because recording TBOMs causes heavy system load.

      End of the caution.
    • Project: Specify the SAP Solution Manager project for which semi-dynamic TBOMs are to be created. The project must contain a logical component with the systems specified.

  3. Choose Execute.

    A report is generated.

  4. Analyze issues and resolve them.