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You want to configure the managed systems in your system landscape by:

Importing BC Sets, CATTs, and eCATT test configurations

Processing IMG activities

Importing add-on transport requests


You have called the Configuration transaction and chosen the Configuration tab page. If you want to import and transport preconfiguration, you have created a Customizing request and a workbench request in the Project Administration of the relevant managed systems.


Importing Preconfiguration into Managed Systems
Activate BC Sets

To activate a BC Set, choose Configure on the Configuration tab page. You can activate multiple BC Sets in different managed systems at the same time.

Choose Start Data Transfer in the Data Comparison and Transfer dialog box.

The Status field shows the current status of the BC Set activation. The system logs the BC Set activation.

Release Transport Request

To release transport requests, select the transport request on the Configuration tab page and choose Configure. You go to the Add-On Installation Tool transaction. Once you have imported the add-ons, their Customizing settings are written to the workbench request for further transport. For more information, see Add-On Installation Tool .

Choose Back to return to the Configuration tab page.

Execute CATT and eCATT Test Configuration

To execute a CATT or eCATT test configuration, choose Configure on the Configuration tab page. Once the CATT or eCATT test configuration has been performed, the system displays a log. You can start multiple CATT or eCATT test configurations for each managed system at the same time.

Edit IMG Object

To edit an IMG object, double-click on the Object column.

You go to Execute Project in the Implementation Guide (IMG) of the managed system. You can now examine and modify the configuration settings imported by activating the BC Sets.

Edit the IMG activity.

Save the status and the documentation of your Customizing settings.

Save your entries and choose Back to return to the Configuration tab page.

For more information, see Assign IMG Documentation .

Edit Documentation

Select a document in the Type field.

For more information, see Editing Documents .

Display/Change Administration Information

Choose the person responsible for a configuration step from the input help for the Person Responsible field. The system displays a list of persons that you have specified as project team members in Project Administration .

To change the processing status of a configuration step, call the input help for the Processing Status field. The system displays a list of statuses that you specified in Project Administration .

For more information, see Create/Change Project.

Insert Rows

To insert rows, select a row and choose Insert Several Rows. The system moves the row above the selected one upwards, and hides all other rows. These table rows are not deleted. To show the hidden table rows, choose Enter .

Insert Assignment Names

The system usually inserts a name for assignments to a structure item, automatically, for example, for transactions and IMG objects.

If the system does not automatically enter a name for the assignment, and the Name column contains<Name Not Found>.Enter the assignment names manually:

Choose EnvironmentRefresh Assignment Texts

When the system has refreshed the assignment texts, it opens a new session and displays a log.


You have configured the system settings for your implementation project.

You can now test your settings on the Test Cases tab page, or plan and execute larger test phases using the Test Workbench. For more information, see Test Cases Tab and Test Workbench .

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