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Function documentationProject Structure


The project structure is the first element that is required. Certain criteria apply, however, and are explained below.


You have to enter the technical name of the node type for the project structure. The following structure element types are supported:

  • BMOB: Organizational unit

  • BMMD: Master data

  • BMSC: Business scenario

  • BMPG: Process

  • BMPC: Process step

Make sure that you specify the structure elements in the right order. Organizational units and master data can be assigned either at the top level or below scenarios. Processes can be assigned only below scenarios, and process steps below processes. The layout of a simple project structure is provided in the sample lines. Copy the contents to prevent typing errors. You can enter any text for the structure element (max. 75 characters).

Using the indicator provided, you specify whether the structure element is included in the project (X) or not (blank). If you do not make an entry here, the structure element is not included in the project.

You can also specify the component. However, it is not created. In other words, the component must already exist in the system. The logical components must be assigned to the project on the System Landscape tab page in Project Administration (transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN). Note that, depending on the type of node, the logical component is a required entry field or the specified logical component is ignored (in this case, the system displays a warning). In the sample lines provided, the logical component is assigned only for the structure element types for which it is a required entry field.