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Background documentationEditing Help Texts For Custom Guided Procedures


To edit your help texts, you can use:

  • the GPA maintenance view

  • the Documentation Maintenance transaction:

    1. Start transaction SE61.

    2. Enter the Step Help Text Name or the Activity Help Text Name you have created.

    3. Choose Change.

    For more information, see Documentation Maintenance Transaction.

Editing reused documentation

To edit a reused document, do one of the following:

  • If the document is in the same GP package or same GP package transport route, edit it directly and put it in the GP transport request (by choosing Activate).

  • If the document is from a different package transport route, you cannot edit it directly. A dialog box appears, asking you to copy the document into your package, to edit it.

Key blocks in help texts

Use the following key blocks to provide information:

  • Use: Specify the goal of the step and give an overview of the activities.

    Example Example

    In this step, you perform activities to identify the root cause of your performance problem.

    End of the example.
  • Prerequisites: Specify, for example, authorizations required to perform an activity.

  • Warnings: If the steps in the guided procedure involve risks, for example loss of data, insert a warning. You can insert a warning icon.

  • Activities: Give a step-by-step description of the activities to be performed to reach the goal.

  • Where applicable: Specify step results and an end result (a certain screen output, for example) which help the user to decide whether a step or procedure was performed correctly or which help the user to understand what happens in the background.

For information about how to use styles to format the texts, see Editing a Document – the Documentation Editor.