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Background documentationBusiness Functions


A Business Function is content delivered by SAP, in SAP application enhancement packages, which you can implement selectively according to the requirements of your business processes. You determine a consolidated, consistent selection of Business Functions in the SAP Solution Manager, which you can activate from the project structure in the Business Blueprint or in the Configuration.


You make assignments between your systems, the structure elements of your business processes, and business functions, based on product instance and product version, depending on the project phase, using logical components.


The activation of a business function is subject to the following conditions:

  • You can select industry-specific business functions, which you can only activate in systems, using a business function set. For an ABAP-based system, you can only use a selectable Business Function Set.

    In a system in which a business function from a selectable business function set is already active, selecting a business function from a different business function set causes inconsistencies and lead to an error message.

  • You can also choose independent business functions (enterprise business functions, enterprise extensions), which you can activate in systems, regardless of business function sets.

  • There can be dependencies on other business functions. Other business functions may have to be already active, before you can activate a business function. These dependencies are displayed when the function is activated.

  • Business functions can be mutually exclusive. When you activate a business function, the system indicates whether an exclusive business function is already active in your system.

  • Activating a business function is irreversible.

    Activating a business function makes permanent, irreversible changes in the system, and to data, such as new database entries, status values or user interfaces.

    Note Note

    If you specify user business functions in the Switch Framework in the managed system, you can flag them as reversible.

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