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  Assign Logical Components to the Project


A logical component is an administration unit which uniquely assigns systems to system roles for a product, throughout the system landscape and across projects.


You have created logical components in Start of the navigation path Solution Manager: Configuration Next navigation step Landscape Next navigation step Logical Components. End of the navigation path

You have assigned logical components to technical systems and installed product instances under Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Configuration Next navigation step Managed Systems Configuration End of the navigation path . Select a technical system and choose Configure System . In the step Assign Product , choose Assign Logical Component .

For more information, see Managing Logical Components .


To be able to call the functions in the table, you are in Project Administration , in the change mode of the project, in the Start of the navigation path System Landscape Next navigation step Systems End of the navigation path subtab.




What you need to know

Copy new logical components from the current project structure

Select Scenario

Assignment of logical components to the project

⇒ Input help in the Logical Components column

The system copies the logical components, their products/product instances, and the highest product version.

Create a new logical component

See Managing Logical Components .

Change an existing logical component

See Managing Logical Components .

Replace a logical component with another in the entire project structure

Replace Log. Component

Change the system roles, their sequence, and the assignment of system roles to project phases

System Role Assignment

You can also change the test system selected, at any time, in the Test Organization

Create user system roles and delete system roles for your project

Start of the navigation path  Next navigation step System Role Assignment Next navigation step System Roles End of the navigation path

You cannot delete system roles which are used in your system landscape

Create link between logical components

Related Log. Comp.

You can, e.g. flag all logical components to which the same systems are to be assigned in future, as related.

The systems that you specify in the logical components for the system roles are used by default in the following project phases:

System role



Business Blueprint



Quality assurance