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 Test Organization: Analysis with the Status Info System


This function monitors the progress of one or more test plans.

Note Note

The analysis is not relevant if you organize tests with the SAP Quality Center by HP.

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You have already created test plans.


Use the Status Info System to:

  • Display complete results of test plans graphically or in a table

  • Display status analyses of individual test plans, export them to Office applications, or print them

  • Display and analyze test plan problem messages.


You can call the status info system:

    1. Start transaction SOLAR_EVAL.

    2. In the structure tree, choose the report variant Start of the navigation path Test Next navigation step Test Plan Status Analyses End of the navigation path.

    3. Choose the project to be analyzed, and Execute.

      You can also call the status info system in the Test Analysis area in the Test Management work center.

  • From the Configuration:

    Choose the menu function Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Project Analysis Next navigation step Test End of the navigation path in the Configuration.

  • From Test Plan Administration:

    Choose Status Info System in Test Plan Management.