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Because content can be installed independently of SAP Solution Manager, it is not automatically ensured that, for example, compatible versions of certain templates or services are active. In the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center, you can check and manage the following types of content:

  • Store templates for change reporting and other applications and services

  • Extractor templates

  • Configuration files for end-to-end root cause analysis applications

  • URL framework for the SAP Solution Manager work centers

  • Service content updates

  • SAP Solution Manager content updates (Rapid Content Delivery)


You access the content management functions by using the Content pushbutton provided in the Infrastructure view of the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center.

Root Cause Analysis

The following content areas are organized under Root Cause Analysis:

  • Store Templates

    If you suspect that incorrect templates are the cause of a problem, you can check the version of the store templates used. You can check the following:

    • Which version of the templates was initially delivered?

    • How have the templates been modified?

    For more information, see Checking and Updating Store Templates.

  • Extractor Templates

    This tool allows you to check which product versions, product instances, and software component versions are supported by the extractor framework. If necessary, you can upload extractor templates provided in an SAP Note.

    For more information, see Checking and Updating Extractor Templates.

  • Views

    This tool allows you to manage the configuration file (config.xml) that controls the behavior of E2E Workload Analysis (WA) and E2E Change Analysis (CA). The configuration file also controls which metrics are collected by the Introscope extractor for Workload Analysis.

    You can do the following:

    • Display and download an incorrect configuration file, to attach it to a support message.

    • Upload a configuration file updated by SAP support.

      Note Note

      The current version of the configuration file is in SAP Note 1259109Information published on SAP site.

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  • URL Framework

    This tool allows you to integrate customer applications into the work center infrastructure. For more information, see URL Framework.

Service Content Update

This tool allows you to update the service contents for selected and planned services.

Note Note

This application is also available in the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center. For more information, see the following help topics:

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Rapid Content Delivery

This tool allows you to import the latest content updates for various SAP Solution Manager functions, such as, Monitoring and Alerting, Guided Procedure, and Customer Usage Provisioning. For more information, see Rapid Content Delivery.