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Procedure documentationPerforming Imports if SAP Solution Manager is Not Working


In the following situation you may need to perform imports using the local Transport Management System (TMS):

  • You are using Change Request Management or Quality Gate Management (QGM).

  • Your SAP Solution Manager (central CTS server) is currently not working.

  • You urgently need to perform an import into a managed system.

In this case, you can temporarily switch on the local TMS to perform emergency imports.

This procedure is valid for ABAP transports only. It cannot be used for non-ABAP transports since SAP Solution Manager is the communication system for managed non-ABAP systems.


  1. If your SAP Solution Manager system is configured as the domain controller for the managed system: Activate the backup domain controller as the domain controller. The backup domain controller must have the CTS plug-in (software component CTS_PLUG) installed. For more information on the CTS Plug-In, see SAP Note 1665940Information published on SAP site.

  2. In the (new) domain controller, change the TMS parameter OPERATION_MODE to the value MONITORED for the managed system into which you want to import the transport request. For more information, see the link to Setting TMS Parameters for Central CTS in the More Information section below.

    Distribute the configuration afterwards.

  3. If the domain controller cannot be used or if you cannot install the CTS plug-in in the (backup) domain controller you can change the TMS parameter directly by editing the transport profile in the managed system.

    Caution Caution

    Only use this option if you are an expert user. If you edit the transport profile you do not have to activate the backup domain controller. However, be aware of the fact that your changes to the transport profile will be overwritten when the domain controller works again and the TMS configuration is distributed. In addition, changes to the transport profile are not logged.

    End of the caution.
  4. Start the import queue for the managed system and choose Refresh.

    The transport requests that you want to import are still in status Inactive.

  5. Select the transport requests that you want to import one after another and choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Activate Inactive Requests End of the navigation path.

  6. Select the transport requests that you want to import one after another and choose Import request.

    The transport requests will be imported into the managed system.

  7. After checking that your imports were successful, you can reset the configuration changes. To do this, proceed as follows:

    • Reset the TMS parameter OPERATION_MODE to the previous value (usually CONTROLLED_DYNAMIC).

    • If you have moved the domain controller, re-activate SAP Solution Manager as the domain controller if possible.

  8. When SAP Solution Manager is available again we recommend that you change the status of the related change document in Change Request Management or QGM so that it is consistent with the actual software distribution status. The change tracking function will identify that the related imports were already performed and will change the status without re-importing the request. Afterwards, Change Request Management or QGM is consistent with the import status in the local systems.