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Object documentationApp: Several Metrics for a Managed Object


To see the metrics and events determined by the E2E Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI), see the Technical Monitoring Dashboard. There is an app for this dashboard, which displays several metrics or events for a managed object, such as the status of the CPU or file systems, or paging on a host.

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As the display and configuration of metrics and events are nearly identical in this dashboard, they are both referred to as elements here, where information applies to both metrics and events.

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All elements delivered by SAP which you can display in this app are from System Monitoring, and are one of the following types of managed objects:

  • Technical system

  • Technical instance

  • Host

  • Database

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You can extend the set of selectable elements (see Extend Set of Selectable Metrics) beyond System Monitoring.

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You can display up to nine elements for a managed object in the app. Make the selection in the configuration app (see Configure App: Several Metrics for a Managed Object).

The app displays the name and type of the managed object above a table of the selected elements. The following information is displayed:




Name of the metric or event


For a metric, its value and status, as provided by MAI, are displayed. Depending on the threshold settings of the metric, this can be a mean value or a rating.

You can display this setting in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), under Start of the navigation path Technical Monitoring Next navigation step System Monitoring Next navigation step Template Management End of the navigation path, by selecting a template and, in the Metrics tab, choosing the Threshold Values tab.

For an event, only the status (red, yellow or green) and the text Rating Only are displayed, because an event has no value.


Choose the blue icon with the white i to get a detailed description of the element.

To display the history of the element, choose its row in the app. The Metric Monitor is called.


The app is displayed in the Technical Monitoring Dashboard. You can display several instances of this app, to display selected elements for several managed objects. For information about the configuration of a dashboard, see Configuring Dashboards.

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This dashboard app is also in the iPad app SAP Solution Manager Dashboards. For more information, see Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Mobile Next navigation step SAP Mobile Applications Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager End of the navigation path.

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