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Function documentationCompleting Technical System Information Manually


With the technical system editor, you can create, change, and delete information about technical systems, in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) of SAP Solution Manager, manually.

Note Note

Do not create or edit system information, manually. Manually created information can become inconsistent or obsolete.

Register technical systems automatically with data suppliers, as described under Register Technical Systems Automatically by Data Suppliers.

Data from the System Landscape Directory (SLD) will no longer be updated by automatic synchronization if you changed it manually in the LMDB, because the rank of the LMDB is higher than that of the SLD.

Data created manually must also be updated manually.

End of the note.


To maintain technical system information, the following requirements must be fulfilled:


  1. In the SAP Solution Manager: Configuration work center (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), choose Managed Systems Configuration.

  2. Select a technical system and choose Configure System.

    The following information about technical systems must be created manually in the LMDB:

    • For systems of the type AS ABAP, AS Java, SAP BusinessObjects Cluster, and Sybase Unwired Platform, at least one product system and one logical component must be assigned.

    • The Diagnostics-Relevant indicator, if you use diagnostics applications in SAP Solution Manager.

      Other information can be added in the guided procedure.

      For more information, see the information on the UI.

  3. The following information about technical systems can be added manually in the LMDB:

    • Installed product instances of systems that do not supply product information.

      For more information, see Creating and Editing Technical System Information.

    • Installation number and system number of systems that do not supply these numbers.

      For more information, see the information on the UI.

    • Attributes, for example, the IT administration role, priority, lifecycle status, short description, and additional attributes.

      You can configure additional attributes in transaction SM34, in view cluster VC_LMDB_ADD_ATTR. For more information, see the help text in the maintenance window.

    • You can manage information about related business partners from the LMDB start screen (transaction LMDB) under Start of the navigation path Technical Systems Next navigation step Mass Maintenance of Business Partner Assignments End of the navigation path.