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Procedure documentationCreating System Information for License Data


The download and maintenance of license data from the SAP Support Portal is optional and only relevant in special scenarios, for example the value-added reseller (VAR) scenario. With the data that is provided by the SAP Support Portal, you can create initial descriptions for product systems and technical systems in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB). This function is used by value-added resellers to provide customer support.

Caution Caution

Only use this function if no automatic System Landscape Directory (SLD) data supplier can be used and if complete manual creation of system information would be too time-consuming. Before you reject the SLD as data source, also consider configuring the AS ABAP SLD data supplier via SAProuter. ou can also export customer landscape descriptions from the SLD into a ZIP file, and transfer the descriptions to the VAR LMDB.

If possible, always register technical systems automatically with data suppliers, as described under Registering Technical Systems Automatically by Data Suppliers.

End of the caution.

Customers can buy SAP software licenses and setup a support infrastructure with SAP Solution Manager to offer support services.

Basic license data is regularly downloaded from the SAP Support Portal to the LMDB. For information about the setup, see SAP Note 1490774Information published on SAP site. License data is automatically linked to the system information provided by the System Landscape Directory (SLD) data suppliers, if possible. The mapping is done with the 18–digit system number.

It is, however, possible that the technical systems are not connected to an SLD, due to technical or security restrictions. In this case, you can use the license data that is downloaded from the SAP Support Portal (step 1) to create system information manually (step 2). You do not need to create system descriptions from scratch.

License data objects contain only basic information, and are not the same as technical systems in SAP Solution Manager LMDB. For several SAP Solution Manager scenarios (such as IT Service Management), the basic license data is sufficient. Some scenarios (such as SAP EarlyWatch Alert and Maintenance Optimizer), require a more detailed description of technical systems and product systems.


If the technical system information cannot be provided by SLD data suppliers, you can create system information from the license data downloaded from the support portal.


  • The license data has been defined correctly and sufficiently in SAP Support Portal, for example, system ID, installation number, system number, and product version must be defined.

  • The report to download the license data from SAP Support Portal has been executed.

    The download is executed by the AI_SC_REFRESH_READ_ONLY_DATA report, which usually is scheduled as a daily background job (REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT). For more information, see SAP Note 894279Information published on SAP site.

To create technical system and product system information from license data, proceed as follows:

  1. Start transaction LMDB.

  2. On the Technical Systems tab, choose Display License Data.

  3. The UI lists all license data downloaded from the SAP Support Portal. A license data object is identified by an 18–digit system number.

  4. Select the license data object for which you want to create technical system and product system information, and choose Create System Descriptions.

    Follow the help in the popup to create technical system and product system information. Make the mandatory entries and choose OK.

  5. Choose Save in the License Data overview screen.

    The newly created technical system and product system are saved.

  6. When you have created the system definition, you may have to add more details, for example RFC connections for the EarlyWatch Alert for AS ABAP technical systems. For more information, see Managing RFC Connections for Application Server ABAP and Using and Configuring the SAProuter.