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Component documentationReporting in the System Monitoring Work Center


A lot of the data which is displayed and analyzed centrally in the System Monitoring work center, comes from the CCMS monitoring infrastructure. Performance values are only saved there for up to 24 hours, which is insufficient for a lot of tasks, particularly analyses. So there are two scenarios containing reports with which you can display the development of the monitoring data of your monitored systems over time.

When you have performed the set-up, the data is automatically saved in the BW system, in the resolution required for the reports. Older data is automatically reorganized in less detail, and eventually deleted, to restrict the performance data memory requirement in the BW system. The two scenarios are:

  • IT Performance Reporting

    IT performance reporting displays the development of the most important monitoring data in your monitored systems, through time, to identify potential problems early, and give an overview of the load and performance of your systems. Reports are created, which give you a quick and comprehensive overview of the performance and load of the systems.

  • Monitoring history

    The monitoring history displays the development of selected monitoring data of your monitored systems, through time. You can specify in the set-up, which performance values to display in the monitoring history. This complements IT Performance Reporting, in which you can display the development of performance values which SAP has identified as particularly important, over time.

All performance data is saved in the BW system that is associated with the SAP Solution Manager. This BW system is also used for all other reporting applications.

The reports contain various periods, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are displayed in the appropriate level of detail.

Implementation Considerations

For information about setting up reporting in the System Monitoring work center, see Set-Up IT Performance Reporting.

More Information

For general information about the System Monitoring work center, see System Monitoring Work Center.

See also SAP Note 1223266Information published on SAP site, which contains current information about reporting in the System Monitoring work center.