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Function documentationMy Home


This function is the central point of access to all important data of almost all SAP Solution Manager work centers. My Home is structured like a work center and offers the same navigation options. The content area groups hyperlinks via which you can branch to the work centers (assigned to you) in order to, for example, process lists from your operations category or to display Critical Alerts, for example.

Note Note

In the My Home views, the system refers to lists from the SAP Solution Manager work centers, with the exception of the Solution Documentation Assistant, Root Cause Analysis, and SAP Solution Manager Administration work centers.

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You are authorized for My Home and work centers have been assigned to you. For more information, see Using the Work Center.


After calling up the work centers (for example, using transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER), the system first shows My Home. It consists of the following views and related functions:

  • Overview

    This view appears in first place in My Home. Depending on personal favorites, it groups the references to lists in the other work centers in the individual info areas.

    • Personalize

      You can use this function to set up a user-specific overview:

      • Using list entries in Favorites

        You use the favorites to specify which lists the system is supposed to show or hide.

      • Using the Screen Layout

        You can configure the visual appearance of the overview by changing the number of columns, for example, from four to two. If there are several views available for a work center, you can choose which ones the system system is supposed to display in My Home. You can also set in which screen area and where in this area the system is supposed to display a view (this is currently possible only for the views of the Business Process Operations work center.

    • Hyperlinks

      For each list, the system displays a link that describes the name of the list as well as numerical information in brackets, specifying how many items the list contains. If you click the hyperlink of a list, you can navigate to the respective list in the corresponding work center.

    • Refresh

      My Home shows buffered data for performance reasons. You can have the system update the work center-specific info areas either as a whole or an individual link of an info area, for example, a link which contains a row of question marks in brackets and the data of which has not been read yet. The quick info of the link specifies when the list was last updated in the respective work center.

      • Asynchronous update

        The system uses this mode as the default. In doing so, it starts the update process in the background and keeps the user interface ready for input.

        In a dialog box, you can set an update interval (for example, 15 seconds) after which the system checks whether new data is available. If so, it displays it.

      • Synchronous update

        If you want to update synchronously, you can uncheck the Activated check box in the Asynchronous Update Settings. In this case, the system blocks additional entries in the user interface for the duration of the update.

  • Tasks

    This view appears in second place in My Home. It contains all lists that can be selected as favorites (under Personalize).

    In this view, you use the hyperlinks and update function in the same way as described for the overview above.

  • Reports

    This view appears in third place in My Home. It contains the reports you have defined as favorites. Here, the system shows structure nodes, reports and report variants in a hierarchical table.

    • Hyperlinks

      In this view, you use the hyperlinks to call up the corresponding report or report variant. If you click a link, the system opens the report or report variant in a new window.

    • Personalize

      For this view you can set user-specifically which folders, reports, and report variants the system is supposed to display.


  • To update a work center-specific work list, choose the Update All entry in the corresponding info area (in the Options menu). The system updates the entries of the info area.

  • To update one individual hyperlink from a work center-specific worklist, choose the Update entry from the context menu for this hyperlink. The system updates the information of the items contained in the corresponding list.

  • To branch from My Home to a work center, click the hyperlink of the corresponding list.

  • To display a report or report variant in a separate window, click the corresponding hyperlink.