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  Create Test Package for Projects in Solution Manager


Test cases are collected for the tester in test packages. A test package is based on a test plan. Test cases are chosen from the test plan for the test package. If you have created a test plan for a project in the SAP Solution Manager, you can also select transactions, which a test should test, for a test package, from the test plan.


  1. Start the Test Plan Management .

  2. Choose a test plan and the Manage Test Package pushbutton.

  3. Choose Create .

    The project structure underlying your test plan is displayed.

  4. Select the subareas which are relevant for the test package.

    You can use structure filters and filters for test cases, just as they are available for creating and changing test plans. For more information, see Create Test Plan for a Project .

  5. You can select or discard test cases or transactions manually.

  6. Choose Generate .

  7. Enter a short description for the test package in the following dialog box and choose Continue .


The new test package is displayed when it has been generated. You can now assign a tester to the test package.